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CFA Exam System - What You’re Getting

CFA Exam TestBank is the easiest and surest way to pass each CFA exam level.

Make sure you're ready. The CFA exam questions, answer choices, and rationale are written by experts, giving you what you need to know on exam day!

  • World's Largest Database

    6,566, 3,227 and 2,561 CFA exam questions from Level I, II, and III respectively. You're busy...Do more in less time!

  • Every LOS Covered

    CFA Institute says you must know the answers to the Learning Outcome Statements (LOSs). We answer them all.

  • Rationale for Every Question

    You won't need to refer to another source while using TestBank. Everything you need to know is in front of you!

  • Track Your Performance

    Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and progress. Know where you stand at all times vs. other CFA exam candidates worldwide.

  • Mock & Targeted CFA Exams

    Simulate the actual CFA exam with unlimited, timed exams in all subjects. Or, target selected subjects, based on your individual performance. You're always in control.

  • Automatic Content Updates

    Never prep with outdated material. You will always have the latest CFA exam questions, answers, and rationale.

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Efficient CFA Exam Prep...Defined

You need to find 300 hours to study. Spend most of it with TestBank and you'll pass the first time.

TestBank makes it easy for you to study for the long stretches, like nights and weekends. Then there's also the time on the train, plane, or waiting for an appointment or meeting. TestBank keeps track of everything you've done!

CFA exam questions -  - Not Schweser, Kaplan, Fitch Learning, or Wiley

Thousands of CFA exam questions. Every subject is covered.
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Review your CFA exam challenge questions

Take new CFA exam questions or review your challenge questions.
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Take a timed CFA exam

Timed exams with tough CFA questions by expert authors.
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Full rationale for every question

Complete rationale for every CFA exam question.
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Thousands of CFA exam questions

Thousands of CFA exam questions. Every subject is covered.
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Toughest CFA exam questions

Questions that are tougher than the actual CFA exam.
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CFA Exam Level I questions

Complete rationale for every CFA exam question.
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Save and retake

Save and retake your CFA exams. Know where you stand.
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  • David Raymond Montreal, Canada

    “ TestBank was the key to my success.

    There are a lot of CFA exam questions and the explanations are clear.”

  • Alexandra Woods Somers, New York

    “I tried out two other packages and sent them back before buying yours. Allen TestBank was clearly superior and focused my attention on the right subject matter at the right level of detail, which is essential, given the amount of material we are expected to know.”

  • Todd Briddell Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

    “Definitely helpful! The TestBank Software was a great way to verify my knowledge of a CFA exam subject area after completing the AllenNotes. Your System built up my confidence, and directed me to the CFA exam subject areas in which additional follow-up was necessary.”

  • Theron Holladay Abilene, Texas

    “The Allen Resources' Study Tools are great! The first time I took Level I, I did not pass. After purchasing the Audio Series, I passed Levels I and II consecutively. You definitely have the best CFA Study System.”

  • Charla Coburn Cincinnati, Ohio

    “The Audio Series was very helpful to listen to on my way to and from work.

    It was like getting in extra study time without the pain of studying!”

  • Ronald Moore Los Angeles, California

    “The AllenNotes were very helpful and saved me significant time in preparing for the CFA exam.

    Thank you!”

  • Patrick Finnegan W. Nyack, New York

    “The AllenNotes pulled the key CFA exam issues together.

    Well organized - easily understandable!”

All Study Systems Include Free iPhone & Android TestBank.

Chances are, your learning style isn't the same as other candidates. Choose the CFA System that works best for you.

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  • Included:
    CFA Exam TestBank
    Mac/PC Version
  • Free Bonus:
    Complete Audio Series iPhone App. TestBank for all iPhone, iPad & Android devices
  • 6,566 Level I Questions
    3,227 Level II Questions
    2,561 Level III Questions
  • New: No Device Limit!
    Use TestBank on All Your Computers & Mobile Devices
  • Performance Stats Synced
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  • Rationale for Every Question
  • Track Your Performance
  • Target Any Subject
  • Save Exams to
    Review/Retake Later
  • See Your Global Ranking
  • Cancel Anytime

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Bonus: Free iPhone & Android TestBank



  • Included:
    CFA Exam TestBank
    Mac/PC Version
  • Free Bonus:
    Complete Audio Series iPhone App. TestBank for all iPhone, iPad & Android devices
  • Add Your Choice of:
    1,348, 1,168 & 820 pages
    (Levels I, II & III)
    Online Audio Series
    35, 24, & 21 hours
    (Levels I, II & III)
    Online Core Video Series
    67, 46 & 25 hours
    (Levels I, II & III)
  • Efficient Prep to
    Make the Most of Your Time
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