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TestBank Software gives you the easy way to learn facts quickly, no matter how much time you have.

The first component of our guaranteed CFA Study System...Level I TestBank Software - contains thousands of multiple choice questions developed by experts that cover everything you need to know. You learn from high level, learning outcome, and supplemental questions.

Use the power of your computer to give you thorough, customized study options that will ensure your success on the CFA exam.

Picture this...You arrive at the office. How are you going to get any CFA prep done today?

Well, if you hit that snooze button a couple less times, you could spend 20 minutes with your TestBank before you check that e-mail. Then, grab a bite and eat at your desk...You'll have over 30 minutes at lunch.

After work, you're ready to go home. Hold on...If you simply stay a short 15 minutes, you'll have absorbed over 65 minutes of TestBank questions before you leave the office. That's over 5 hours per week, at a minimum.

Added bonus...Your boss won't be upset. You are more productive at work, knowing you've carved out time to prepare for the exam.

Most candidates only wish they could study at work.

Depending on the license that you choose, you may load TestBank on one computer or use it on as many as you'd like so it will be ready when you are. Therefore, even the smallest pockets of time will not go wasted during your busy workdays.

Level II and III TestBank Software programs provide you with a substantial information base for these exams. They include item set and multiple-choice questions that Allen Resources has developed from each and every assigned candidate reading.

And, we haven't even talked about your nights and weekends. You'll need a quiet area where you can focus. If your home computer is near the TV or other distractions, then move that computer.

You'll easily have 30-60 minutes almost every weeknight to train with TestBank questions. Hey, even I'll tell you to get out and have fun a couple nights a week. Seriously, you should plan on it.

What about your commute and travel time? Yes, if you have (or can get your hands on) a laptop, you'll be known as a TestBank maniac. There's nothing like building your confidence at 35,000 feet.

Promise me though, that you won't use TestBank while driving...Even though you may want to.

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