A.C. Macpherson
A.G. Edwards & Sons
A.T. Kearney
AAL Capital Mgmt.
Abbott Labratories
ABC Polymers
Abdallah Financial
ABG Securities
ABN AMRO Asia Ltd.
ABN AMRO Asset Mgmt.
ABN AMRO Equities (UK)
ABN AMRO Securities (Romania) SA
Absa Corporate Bank
Abtrust Fund Managers Singapore
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
AC Nielsen
Acacia Life Insurance
AceCad Software Inc
ACF International
Aclon Finance
Adams, Harkness & Hill
ADP Atlantic
ADP Capital Mgmt.
ADP Global Proxy Services
Advanced Asset Management Advisors
Advantage Capital Partners
AdvisorTech Corporation
Aegis Asset Mgmt.
Aetna Inc.
Aetna Retirement Services
AEU Capital Mgmt.
AEW Capital Mgmt.
AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust
African Development Bank
AG Edwards & Sons
AG Edwards Securities Research
Agence Isabel Brodeur
AIC - Becker
Aichi Prefecture
AIG Global Investment Corp.
AIG Global Real Estate
AIG Investment Corp. (Can.)
AIM Capital Mgmt.
AIM Management Group
Air India
Airline Forecasts
Al-Ahlia Investment Co.
Alba Wheels Up
Alberta Energy Co.
Alberta National Gas
Alberta Stock Exchange
Alden Capital Markets
Alex Brown & Son
Alexander Forbes Place
Algonquin Power Corporation
Alico Middle East
Alico UK
Alkhalij Enterprises
All Trading Brokers
Allegiance Health Care
Allen & Co.
Allfonds Mgmt.
Alliance Capital Mgmt.
Alliance Fund Services
Allianz Invest KAG
Allianz of America
Allied Business Bank
Allied Capital Asset Mgmt.
Allied Irish Bank
Allmerica Financial
Allstate Insurance
Allstate Investment Systems
Alpha Equity Research
Altus Securities
AM & G
AM Corporation
Amalfi International
AMB Property, LP
America West Exploration
American Appraisal Associates
American Century Investment Mgmt.
American Credit Indemnity
American Economic Planning Group
American Express
American Express Financial Advisors
American Express International Inc.
American General Corp.

American Honda Finance Corp.
American International Group
American Manufacturing Corporation
American National Bank
American Partners Life
American Realty Advisors
American Re-Insurance
American Savings Bank
American Stock Exchange
American Trust & Savings Bank
American Ventures Realty Investors
American Water Works
Americas Trust Bank
AMI Trade Research
AMOCO Explorations & Productions
AMP Incorporated
Amphion Partners
AMR Investments
AmSouth Bank
Anaylsis Group Economics
Anchor Mortgage Corp.
Andersen Consulting
Anderson Coetzee & Associates
Andover Securities LLC
Andrew Garrett
Andrew Peck Associates
Angelo, Gordon & Co.
Annuity Board SBC
Ansa Finance and Merchant Bank
Antario Rental da Dollar Rent A Car
Anugerah Rejeki Wasantara
ANZ Grindlays Bank
ANZ Securities
Aon Advisors
Appalachian Capital Mgmt.
Applied Materials
Appraisal Economics Inc.
APS Ltd.
AptechCorporation Ltd.
Arab Bank PLC
Arab Insurance Group
Arab Investment Co.
Arabian Agencies
Arbor National
Arcadia Financial Group
Archon Group
Arco International
Ares-Serono International SA
Arista Records
Arizona State University
Ark Asset Management Co.
Aros Securities
Arrowstreet Capital, L.P.
Arthur Andersen LLP
Artisan Funds
Artisan Partners
Arts Undergraduate Society
Asahi Bank, Ltd.
ASBC Investment Corp.
Ashbridge Investment Mgmt.
Ashford Capital Mgmt.
Ashland Accounting
Asia Pacific Finance Group, Ltd.
Asian Development Bank
Asian Equities Research
Asiel & Co.
Asscociated Merchandising Corporation
Asset Korea, Ltd.
Associated Securities
AT & T Capital Corp.
AT & T Investment Management Corporation
ATA Invest Inc.
ATAG Ernst & Young
Athos Group LLC
Atkinson Capital Mgmt.
Atlanta Capital Management Co.
Atlantic Capital Partners
Atlantik East - Ukraine
Atlas Capital Group
Auerbach Grayson & Co.
Aufman & Associates
Avalon Properties
Avanti Corporation
AVF Design
Awad Asset mangement
AXA RE Life Insurance Co.
AXA Sun Life Inv. Mgmt.

B.L. Johnson Ltd.
Babson College
BAC Corporation Securities
Bacardi International
Bader Almulla & Bros.
Badgley, Phelps & Bell
Bahai World Centre
Bahrain Middle East Bank
Bailard Beihl Kaiser
Baird Asset Mgmt.
Baker Hughes Incorporated
Balentine & Co.
Baltic American Enterprise Fund
Banc of America Securities
Banc One
Banc One Capital Markets
Banc One Investment Advisors
Banc One Investment Mgmt.
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya
Banco Bozano, Simonsen
Banco Cantendar International
Banco Fator
Banco Mercantil
Banco Patrimonio
Banco Popular De Puerto Rico
Banco Santander Mexicano
Banco Santander Puerto Rico
Banco Santander-Gestion Global de Riejo
Banco Votorantim
Bancoval SA
Bangkok Bank Taipei Branch
Bangor Savings Bank
Bank Atlantic
Bank Bira
Bank Boston
Bank Boston Securities
Bank Brussels Lambert
Bank Bruxels Lambert (Switzerland)
Bank Central Asia
Bank for International Settlements
Bank Illinois Trust Co
Bank J. Vontobel & Co. AG
Bank Julius Baer Co., Zurich
Bank Leu, Ltd.
Bank of America
Bank of Bermuda
Bank of Botswana
Bank of Canada
Bank of China
Bank of East Asia
Bank of Ghana
Bank of Hawaii
Bank of Ireland Asset Management (U.S.) Ltd.
Bank of Japan
Bank of Montreal
Bank of New York
Bank of North Dakota
Bank of Nova Scotia
Bank of Oklahoma
Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi Leasing & Finance
Bank One Corporation
Bank One Investment Advisors
Bank One Services Corporation
Bank One Texas
Bank Paribas
Bank United
Bank Vontobel
Banker's Trust
Bankers Trust Australia Ltd.
BankInvest, BI Asset Management
Banque Brussels Lambert
Banque Edovard Constant SA
Banque Nationale de Paris
Banque Paribas
Banque Worms Capital Corp
Banyan Fund
Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Co.
Barbados Mutal Life Assurance Society
Barclays Bank
Barclays Global Investors
Barclays Global Investors Canada
Barclays Private Banking
Baring Asset Mgmt.
Barnett Bank
Barney Skanska Constuction
Barone, Murtha, Shonberg & Assoc.
BARRA International (Japan) Ltd.
BARRA RogersCasey
Barrington Consulting Group
Bartlett & Co.
Bassini, Playfair & Associates
Batchelder & Partners

Bay State Health Systems
Bay View Capital Corporation
Bayerische Hypotheken-OND Wechsel Bank
Bayerische Vereins Bank AG
Bayview Capital
BB & T Investment Services
BC Hydro
BCE Place
BDO Seidman LLP
Bea Associates
Beacon Hill Partners
Beacon Hill Research
Bear Stearns
Beck, Mack, & Oliver
Bedell Investment Counseling
Bell Canada
Bell South Mobile Data
Bell South Telecommunications
Bellsouth Corp
Benchmark Advisors
Beneficial Life Insurance
Benefit Capital Mgmt.
Benefits Northwest
Benton Financial Group
Berkeley Harrison
Berkowitz, Dick, Pollack & Brant
Bethlehem Pension Fund
Betzold, Berg & Nussbaum
BFC Financial Corporation
BGB Holdings LLC
BHC Securities
Bi Way Stores
Bidwell & Co.
Bigelow & Co.
Billing Concepts
Bird-Johnson Co.
Bisys Fund Services
Black & Decker
Black Capital Mgmt.
BLC Securities
Bloomberg LP
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Ridge Advisors
Bluebonnet Savings Bank
BMI Capital Corporation
BNC National Bank
BNP Gestions
BNP International Asset Mgmt.
BNP Securities
BNP-Dresdner Bank/ Bulgaria
Boatmen's Bank
Boise Cascade
Bombadier Aerospace
Bomis, Ltd.
Bonneville Power Administration
Bosa Ventures
Boston Financial
Boston Institutional Services
Boston Partners
Boston Private Bank & Trust Co.
Bowling Portfolio Mgmt.
Bozano Simonsen Securities
BP Amoco
Bradberry & Associates
Bradford Trust Co.
Brait Capital Partners
Branch Banking & Trust Co.
Brandes Investment Partners
Brantley Automation Inc.
BRE Properties
Bridge Information Systems
Brinker Capital
Brinson Partners
Brookville Investments
Brovitz, Insero, Kasperski & Co.
Brown & Co. Securities Corp
Brown Brothers Harriman
Bruck & Caine Advisory, Inc.
Brueggeman & Johnson P.C.
Brunbage, Story & Rose
Brunel International SE Asia
Bruno, Mack & Barclay
Brunswick Warburg
Bryan Cave LLP
Bryn Mawr Corporation
BT Alex Brown
BTM Capital Corporation
Burgan Bank
Burlington Resources
Business Development Bank of Canada
Business Establishment Systems
Byblos Bank Sal

C. H. Dean & Associates
C. H. Man & Co.
Cable & Wireless Global Marine Singapore, Ltd.
Cabot Money Mgmt.
CAC Management, Ltd.
Cadence Investment Partners
CAIB Securities
CAK Universal Credit Corporation
Cal Fed Investments
Calcasieu Parish Place
Caledonian Bank & Trust
Callan Associates
Calvert Group
Cambridge Associates
Camomille Associates Ltd.
Campaigne Financial Group
Canaccord Capital Corporation
Canacord Capital Corporation
Canada Life Assurance
Canada Mortgage Housing Corp
Canada Trust
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Canadian Occidental Petroleum, Ltd.
Canal Industries
Canterbury Capital Services
Cantor Fitzgerald
Capital Advisors Group
Capital America
Capital Asset Advisors
Capital Company of America
Capital Consulindo
Capital Consultants
Capital Guardian Trust Co.
Capital Marketing
Capital S.A.
Capital Securities SA
Capital Trust
Cardinal International Corporation
Carewell Group
Cargill Pakistan
Carlsen & Co.
Carlson Capital
Carlton McCreary Holmes & Co.
Carnegie Corp of NY
Carroll Financial Associates
Casa de Bolsa Bancomer S.D.
Case Western Reserve University
Cassels Blaikie Investment Mgmt.
Catellus Development Corporation
Cathartes Investments
CB Richard Ellis Investors
CCF Securities
CCH Canadian, Ltd.
CCT Telecom Holdings
CDC Marches
Cecil Kilpin & Co.
Centerior Energy Corporation
Centocore Inc.
Central Carolina Bank
Centric Group
Century 21
Century Offshore
Century Partners
CFSE Portfolio Management Inc.
Chapman Capital Mgmt.
Charles E. Smith Companies
Charles River Associates
Charles Schwab & Co.
Charter Financial Group, Inc.
Chase Asset Mgmt.
Chase Bank of Texas
Chase Global Funds Services
Chase Manhattan Bank
Chase Securities
Chatham Exchange (PVT) Ltd.
Check Capital Mgmt.
Chenco International Investment
Cherry Creek Investment Advisors
Chesapeake Partners
Chicago Trust Co.
Children's World Learning Centers
China Guotai Securities Co., Ltd.
Chiron Corporation
Chiyoda Life
Choice Hotels Canada
Christian Brothers Investment
Chuo Audit Corporation
Churrchill Capital, Inc.
CIBC - Risk Management Division
CIBC Caribbean Ltd.
CIBC ISI Investor Services
CIBC Mellon
CIBC Oppenheimer
CIBC Trust
CIBC West Indies Offshore Bank
CIBC Wood Gundy Securities Inc.
CIBC World Markets
CIC Asset Mgmt.
CIC Group
Citibank (Trinidad & Tobago) LTD
Citibank Global Asset Mgmt.
Citicorp Administradora de Inversiones
Citicorp Securities
Citizens Bank

Citizens Financial Group
Citizens Trust of RI
City Investment Group
City National Bank
City of London Investment Mgmt.
City of West Palm Beach
Clarion Partners
Clark Bardes Holdings Inc.
Clifford Associates
Clifton Gunderson
CLS Investments
CLSA Global Emerging Markets
CMG Management Advisory Inc.
CNA Health Partners
Coastal Securities
Colgate Palmolive
Collins Associates
Colonial Consulting
Colonial First State Investments
Colonial Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
Colony Capital
Colorado Trust
Columbia Basin Trust
Columbia Business School
Columbia Energy Services
Columbia University
Columbus Circle Investments
Columbus State University
Comerica Bank
Comfort Systems USA
Comlexe Desjardins
Commerce Bank Capital Markets Eastern Europe
Commercial banking Group
Common Sense Investment Management
Commonwealth Equity
Commonwealth Travel Corp.
Community First Bankshares
Community Foundation
Compangnie Financiere Richemont
Compass Advisors
Compass Bank
Compo Asset Mgmt.
Comptroller of the Currency
CompUSA Inc. (Corporate Finance)
Comsat Corporation
Comstat Capital Sciences
Concord International Investments
Condea Vista Co.
Confederation Life Insurance
Congress Asset
Congress Asset Mgmt.
Connally Strategic Investments, L.P.
Conning Asset Mgmt.
Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Mgmt.
Connors Investors Services
Conseco Capital
Conservest Capital Advisors, Inc.
Cooke & Bieler Inc.
Co-operative Trust Company of Canada
Coopers & Lybrand
Copper Mountain Trust
Coral Energy
Cornell University
Cornerstone Capital
Corporate Advisory Associates
Corporate Valuations
Corrigan Financial Inc.
Cougar Global Investments, Ltd.
Council of Europe Social Development Fund
Countrywide Home Loans
Cousins Properties Inc.
Cova Financial Services Life Insurance
Cox Financial
CP Capital Management LLC
CPAC (Crescent Gardens) Inc.
CRA Real Estate Securities
Crabbe Huson
Credential Securities Inc.
Credit Agricole Indosuez Cheuvreux
Credit Anstalt Securities
Credit Lyonnais
Credit Lyonnais Taiwan
Credit Suisse First Boston
Credit Union Central of Ontario
CREF Investments
Crescent Real Estate Equities
CRI Media Partners
Croatian Pension Investment Co.
Cromwell, Miller, & Greer
Crossroads Group
Crowell Hart Investment Services
Crowell, Weedon & Co.
Crown Block Capital
Cruttenden Roth
CS First Boston
CS Trust and Banking
CT Capital International
CT Investment Management Group
Cumberland Asset Mgmt.
CUNA Mutual Group
Cuthill and Eddy
CWM Investment Mgmt.
Cyber Optics Corporation
Cybervest Securities
CYMI Investments

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